Processed data imagery for the high-resolution airborne electromagnetic ("AEM") and magnetics (“Mag”) geophysics survey for the Big Bear Gold Project, on the Hemlo-Schreiber Greenstone Belt, in Ontario Canada.

  • Latest imagery for the Big Bear Gold Project includes:
    • Digital Elevation Model (“DEM”)
    • Residual Total Magnetic Intensity (“TMI”)
    • First Vertical Derivative of TMI
    • Early Off-Time time-domain electromagnetics (“TDEM”)
  • A total of 253 geophysical anomalies have been identified and classified by the survey, with 39 designated for priority investigation (announced 11 August 2020).
Big Bear Gold Project Residual Total Magnetic Intensity (“TMI”)
Big Bear Gold Project First Vertical Derivative of TMI
Big Bear Gold Project Digital Elevation Model (“DEM”)
Early Off-Time time-domain electromagnetics (“TDEM”)